Privat Label Vaseline 1 Kg. -

Privat Label Vaseline 1 Kg.

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Vaseline / Snowwhite EC (White Petroleum Jelly)

Product Description:
This is a beautiful, rather firm white petroleum jelly with silky, long-fibred structure and glossy surface. It is odorless and tasteless and stable to light and oxidation. It keeps its good structure during processing. It is highly refined and meets the purity requirements of mots internationally known pharmacopoeias, such as Eup, USP, ect.

Physical Properties:
Properties                               Unit         Method                  Specification                  Typical                              
Drop melting point                   °C           ASTM D 127         58-66                              63
Cone penetration at 25°C       dmm       ASTM D 937         160-180                          170
Congealing point                     °C           ASTM D 938         49-56                              54
Lovibond colour 2" cell                                                         Max. 2.0Y                       1.2Y

This petroleum jelly meets the purity requirements of the EuP, USP, BP.

As a result of its ability to bind oil as well as water, this petroleum jelly is mainly utilised for the preparation of unguents, both pigments and emulsion type. Besides varied use in the cosmetic industry, it finds apllication as a softener in finished in the textile trade, imparting to the fabric a fuller feel; also in the foodstuff industry as a lubricant and preservative; in the power cable and condenser industry, metallurgical industry and for hospital use, etc.

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